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The following should be included with a grant application:


1. Documentary proof of non-profit IRS tax-exempt status.


2. Resume and background information.


3. Five (5) most recent years of balance sheets and income statements.


4. Proposed budget of grant expenditures.

The Jay L. Smith Family Foundation will only award grants to charitable organizations recognized by state and local governments that are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organizations.


Should an organization be chosen for a grant, it shall only be a one-time grant.  Please abstain from sending more than one application every year.


If a potential recipient is chosen for a grant, said recipient will be expected to report to the Foundation on how the grant was used.


Because the Jay L. Smith Family Foundation receives more requests than it can fund, all requestors should not feel that sending in any sort of request is a guarantee of receiving a grant.


Additionally, the Foundation may request more information from an entity based on their initial application.  This type of request should not be construed as a guarantee for grants either.


Please click the link below for an application.  After filling out the application, please either mail it to the address instructed or email it to



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