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In 2012, the current Board of Directors of the Jay L. Smith Family Foundation envisioned helping others by creating a foundation that would fund other non-profit organizations.


The Jay L. Smith Family Foundation is dedicated to helping multiple causes; however, the Foundation is especially partial to funding research for a cure of Alzheimer's.  The Foundation is heavily dedicated in assuring proper care and service for individuals suffering from this disease and related illnesses.


In its first full year of existence, the Jay L. Smith Family Foundation had the pleasure of funding 11 different non-profit entities from 5 different states.  Some of the services provided by those entities include elderly care, cancer research, family violence clinics, suicide prevention, and Alzheimer's research.


The Jay L. Smith Family Foundation is open to funding new groups and causes; however, at this time, the Foundation will only provide grants to entities and relief efforts in the United States.


"The mission of the Jay L. Smith Family Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities by funding qualified non-profit organizations that promote family values, support the advancement of healthcare, and serve the disadvantaged."


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